Build a successful business with Mastermind Group Coaching

Building your small business into a successful one can feel like a long and lonely journey. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Realise Business Mastermind group coaching program is an affordable business coaching option, that allows you to gain facilitated peer-to-peer mentoring in an open, non-competitive and supportive environment.

It’s just like having your very own Board of Directors who are there to help you to develop your business plan, achieve your business goals, increase your profits and reach your business success.

How does the Mastermind Group Coaching Program work?

Business Mastermind members have monthly organised meetings throughout the year for three to four hours per session, facilitated by one of our business coaches.

We will match you with other business owners based on your industry, personality and potential to foster mutually beneficial relationships and gain valuable advice from like-minded people on the same business journey as you.

In these meetings, you’ll all take turns to present a business issue, discuss business challenges and successes and collectively provide honest and constructive feedback based on your skills and experience.

From participating in Mastermind, you will develop the following:

Increase your business knowledge, skills and confidence

Remove the roadblocks preventing you from realising your business success

Build business and personal relationships within the group, add to referral contacts

Be held accountable to reach your professional and personal development goals

What’s included in the Mastermind Group Coaching Program?

In our Mastermind Coaching Program you will gain fresh perspectives and insights into ways you can grow your business as you participate in facilitated and supportive peer-to-peer mentoring.

The Mastermind Coaching Program includes:

Confidential peer to peer group coaching

A maximum of 8-10 business owners per group

All groups facilitated by an expert Realise Academy business coach

A half day face-to-face meeting per month

Monthly accountability and templates to create your own action plan

Exclusive networking events

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Since 1989, Realise Business has helped over 30,000 business owners just like you achieve successful businesses.

Our team of expert business coaches are successful business owners themselves and have experience across a variety of industries.

Our Success Stories

“This really is a business coaching program that is tailored for you and works for you, wherever you are in your personal and professional journey as a small business owner.”

Andrew Bray, One Health, Business Owner

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