Academy Business Coaching

What is business coaching?

Realise Business coaches are experts in their field and have lived experience in running successful small businesses. They will help you develop clear goals and a roadmap that holds you accountable to growing your business to your version of success.

Working with a business coach can be the secret to realising your business potential. Providing a fresh perspective and impartial advice, working with our business coaches will give you the “how-to” solve business frustrations and discover new opportunities for your business growth.

Outcomes of working with a business coach

The Realise Business Academy Coaching Program is totally customisable to give you the tools you need to achieve your business goals. Working with a business coach can ensure you make informed decisions with confidence and gain control over your business and personal life.

Some of the many benefits of Business Coaching include:


  • Develop strategies to attract more customers
  • Develop processes to scale your business
  • Accountability and support to reach attainable goals

Increase revenue

  • Keep track of the numbers that matter
  • Master your cash flow and track your profit
  • Reduce stress and gain control of your finances

Develop employees

  • Place the right people in the right jobs
  • Energise your team and lead with confidence
  • Create a happy and productive team

Run efficiently

  • Build a business that runs with or without you
  • Decrease stress and time spent working in your business
  • Improve business knowledge, skills and decision making

What’s included in the Academy Business Coaching Program?

Since 1989, Realise Business has helped over 30,000 business owners just like you achieve business success.

In our Academy Business Coaching Program you will receive the targeted support and know-how to grow your business to your definition of success.

You will receive:

Business coaching session every month (90 minutes)

A customised coaching roadmap with set objectives for your business

Access to an online library of 20 modules of content across 8 strategic areas of business, including videos, podcasts, blogs, templates and tools

Monthly KPI tracking of your success

Exclusive networking events with other like-minded business owners

Develop your business across 8 strategic areas

Together with your business coach, you will develop a roadmap to get you to your level of business success quicker. As our Academy Business Coaching program is customisable, your roadmap will be tailored to meet your business needs and work on the strategic areas of business that are relevant to you.

In addition to your monthly sessions with your business coach, you will also access a library of resources across the strategic areas of business included in your roadmap. Our online platform includes over 20 modules, with each module including content from videos and podcasts to blogs and other business resources.


Have you identified your endgame? Where would you like your business to be in 1-5 years?

Having a clear strategy underpins your business success and it includes a comprehensive understanding of your purpose, values, and vision.

Product & Brand

Are you able to articulate and demonstrate the value of your product or brand in the eyes of your customers?

Being able to show your customers what you do, how you do it and how you add value will make all the difference to whether you’re running a profitable business.

Business Ownership

Do you know how to harness your leadership abilities to get the best out of yourself and others?

Learn how to run your business with the right balance between realistic and challenging expectations to become an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.


Whether you are selling a service or a product, are you generating enough sales to make a profit?

We’ll look at your sales process and conversations, showing you ways to maximise your profit and keep your business afloat or even rising above the water.


Do you have a clear marketing strategy, one that targets the right kind of customer for your business?

Marketing is one of the most powerful ways of introducing customers to your business and when it’s done right it will appeal to the rational and emotional sides of your customers, converting to the sales you want.


Is your business running efficiently or is all of your time being consumed with endless “housekeeping” and putting out spot fires?

Getting your policies, processes, HR and compliance sorted will help keep your team and your business running smoothly and efficiently, allowing you more time to work ‘ON’ your business.

People & Teams

Do you have a team that is disengaged or the wrong fit for your business?

Whatever the size of your business, how your team works together is crucial to your success. Getting the right team who work well together can be one of the best business investments you make.


Is your business sustainable? Do you understand your financial goals and how your income flows?

We’ll show you how to understand the numbers that matter so you can track your profit and cashflow and grow your business with purpose and confidence.

Get Started

Complete the business assessment

Spend 5-10 minutes answering questions in 8 key areas of your business.

Book a free coaching session

Book your free 60 minute introductory coaching session with an expert business coach.

Assess your results

In your coaching session we will discuss your assessment, identifying opportunities for growth and change.

Choose your coaching program

We will recommend the best coaching program for you and your business.

How Does Your Business Measure Up?

Take the free business assessment to see how your business measures up

Work with our team of expert business coaches

Since 1989, Realise Business has helped over 30,000 business owners just like you achieve successful businesses.

Our team of expert business coaches are successful business owners themselves and have experience across a variety of industries.


Jacqui Attard


Charmion Ingram


Chris Shaw


Geoff Silk



There is a monthly flat fee for the program, with no lock-in contract, no minimum term and no exit fees. The program has been priced to be affordable and accessible for small business owners. Please schedule a call or fill out our business assessment to find out more.

The program is totally customisable for your business and personal goals. We recommend committing to the program for a minimum of 6 months to see results in your business.

You will get a monthly 90min coaching session, one-on-one with your assigned coach, with accountability and communication available between sessions.

You will also get access to an online learning toolkit and work through relevant modules related to what you’re working through with your coach. You will be able to go through the content at your own pace and in your own time. There are over 20 modules across 8 key strategic areas of business.

Yes. We realise that it isn’t a one size fits all approach for every business. After completing our business assessment and reviewing your goals with your coach, together you will develop a customised program to work through each of our 8 strategic areas of business. You will work through these in a customised order, relevant to your current business aspirations and challenges.

While you will be matched with one main coach, you will also have access to our wider team of Coaches. Our coaches have experience across a variety of industries and have expert knowledge over all areas of running a small business.

Our Success Stories

“This really is a business coaching program that is tailored for you and works for you, wherever you are in your personal and professional journey as a small business owner.”

Andrew Bray, One Health, Business Owner

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