Flexible business coaching to suit your business and your lifestyle

We’ve designed our Business Academy for busy business owners just like you.

Work one-on-one with a business coach, receiving personalised support and guidance to navigate the world of business.

You work and learn in your own time and in your own way, customising the modules to set you up for your business success. And as your business grows, you can adapt the program to suit your needs.

Whatever size or type of business you are, you work at your own pace and in your own time, with no set contract and no time limit.

Learn the way that suits you the best, with all modules delivered via video, blogs, online resources, group forums and one-on-one private sessions with your personal business coach.

It’s business coaching that works for the way you work and learn, and the way you live.

Your 5 steps to business success

First we assess the areas of business you need to work on, then we give you the tools and the support you need to grow your business and reach your success.


Our Business Assessment Tool is unique to the market, providing you with a real time snapshot of the health of every aspect of your business.


Your personal coach is with you right from the start to guide your learning and provide one-on-one coaching support


You chose the program modules that suit your business needs and learning style, learning at your own pace and when it suits you.


Learn from a team of experts in a wide range of market verticals and enjoy full access to our engaging learning resources.


Grow your business the way you want and enjoy the success you want with the support of our dynamic and experienced team.

How can we help you?

Not enough time or money? Can’t attract the right staff or the right customers? Looking for ways to grow your business and make it work for you?

Your personal coach will help you to focus on the areas that you need to know, starting with core modules chosen from eight strategic areas of business.

You then customise your learning experience, choosing from over 20 modules created by our team of experts across all industry areas in 8 key areas: strategy, product & brand, business ownership, sales, marketing, operations, people & teams and finance.

How Does Your Business Measure Up?

Take the free business assessment to see how your business measures up

Over 20 modules across 8 key strategic areas of business


Have you identified your endgame? Where would you like your business to be in 1-5 years?

Having a clear strategy underpins your business success and it includes a comprehensive understanding of your purpose, values, and vision.

Product & Brand

Are you able to articulate and demonstrate the value of your product or brand in the eyes of your customers?

Being able to show your customers what you do, how you do it and how you add value will make all the difference to whether you’re running a profitable business.

Business Ownership

Do you know how to harness your leadership abilities to get the best out of yourself and others?

Learn how to run your business with the right balance between realistic and challenging expectations to become an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.


Whether you are selling a service or a product, are you generating enough sales to make a profit?

We’ll look at your sales process and conversations, showing you ways to maximise your profit and keep your business afloat or even rising above the water.


Do you have a clear marketing strategy, one that targets the right kind of customer for your business?

Marketing is one of the most powerful ways of introducing customers to your business and when it’s done right it will appeal to the rational and emotional sides of your customers, converting to the sales you want.


Is your business running efficiently or is all of your time being consumed with endless “housekeeping” and putting out spot fires?

Getting your policies, processes, HR and compliance sorted will help keep your team and your business running smoothly and efficiently, allowing you more time to work ‘ON’ your business.

People & Teams

Do you have a team that is disengaged or the wrong fit for your business?

Whatever the size of your business, how your team works together is crucial to your success. Getting the right team who work well together can be one of the best business investments you make.


Is your business sustainable? Do you understand your financial goals and how your income flows?

We’ll show you how to understand the numbers that matter so you can track your profit and cashflow and grow your business with purpose and confidence.

Have you taken our Business Assessment Tool?

To help you achieve business success, we created our Business Assessment Tool to help you prioritise your areas of need and assess your business success so you know how to tailor your learning modules to suit your business.

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