Providing One Health with flexible business coaching as their business changes and grows

Chiropractor and small business owner, Andrew Bray, founded his allied health business, One Health, in 2006, but fifteen years later he realised he had reached a roadblock.

“In 2021 I’d steadily built my business to a certain level, but that was really as far as I could go on my own.

“I’d previously sought some basic business advice around business structure, set up and tax, however, because I’d never had formal training in the fundamentals of growing a business, I knew I needed some professional advice to help me grow my business.

“I reached out to the Realise Business Academy and they provided me with all the tools and support I needed to solve my business challenges, even as I faced some unexpected personal challenges along the way.”

Getting back to the basics of business

Like most small business owners, Andrew went into business armed with the training, experience and skill for the services that he provides … but with absolutely no training in how to run or grow a business.

“I was a qualified chiropractor with my own practice, established clientele and years of experience and I was suddenly dealing with business challenges around growth and staff management.

“Although I knew exactly how to fix a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries for my clients, such as back pain, neck pain and headache, I realised I didn’t have the tools to know how to fix my own business!”

“The business coaching program that Realise Business Academy was offering covered all of the areas I needed help in, gave me the one-on-one support that I needed and most importantly was flexible enough to work around the work life challenges and long work days of a busy small business owner like me.”

Providing clarity from both a client perspective and a business perspective

Andrew originally signed up to the Realise Business Academy for help with his business challenges around growth, staff management and how to create a better treatment structure that encouraged longer client retention.

But after Realise Business Academy assessed his business using their Business Assessment Tool and a one-on-one personal coach consultation, he quickly realised he needed to firstly focus on some of the fundamentals of business.

“My personal coach at Realise Business Academy helped me a lot with strategy and planning, starting by looking at fundamentals why I was in business so I could work out a vision for my business and what I was trying to achieve.

“They were able to provide clarity around what I was doing from both a client perspective and a business perspective. We really started from scratch, working through each area I needed help with, such as looking at who my ideal client really was. 

“Then, unexpectedly, I had a change in my personal circumstances that also directly impacted the nature and the staffing of my business, so we had to quickly change the focus and direction of my Realise Business Academy program.

“The team at Realise Business Academy did not miss a beat. They accommodated my modules and pace of learning to meet my constantly evolving needs, always supporting me both as a person and as a business owner.” 

Flexibility, clarity, structure and support 

For Andrew, the main appeal of the Realise Business Academy program is its incredible flexibility, as well as the variety of learning topics and styles, its clarity and structure.

“When I had to suddenly and unexpectedly pivot my business, the coaching team immediately changed direction too, tailoring my program to always meet my needs. I could not believe the flexibility of the program and level of support I received. 

“The program is also very well written, guided in terms of its structure and clear in its intention. It’s provided me with so much clarity around the direction of my business, including my planning and budgeting.

“All of the online resources were available to me 24/7 to support the area of business I was working on one-on-one with my personal business coach. Being able to learn in several different ways and in my own time and my own way really helped me understand the topics better.”

Outstanding support for small business owners

Andrew continues to grow his business today with the Realise Business Academy because it provides the level of support he requires to meet his needs as a small business owner. 

“The Realise Business Academy is great value for money because it is so flexible and it can be specifically tailored to what you need at that time. 

“This really is a business coaching program that is tailored for you and works for you, wherever you are in your personal and professional journey as a small business owner…and wherever your business and your life takes you!”